Burn  Notice

Episode  3


The teaser starts us off with Michael breaking into a security meeting.

This occurs at the Sheraton Bal Harbour. Unfortunately this hotel has since been torn down. Fortunately we have a great recreation shot courtesy of DanJ.  If my memory serves me right this hotel was seen in the background in the Miami Vice episode Home Invaders as they filmed across the street at the Bal Harbour shops.

When I was at the site in February, 2008 the hotel was already down.

Michael gets chased out of the hotel and jumps off the roof to get away. I just found this location (11/19/2009). It was not filmed at the Sheraton Bal Harbour but with the background clues I knew the location could be found. I was sure I had seen the building that is seen in the background in the picture below left. I just could not place it, until about 11 minutes into the episode where we see Michael pull up in the Neon on a city street. There it was again, only this time with a better view of it. I know this location and have pictures of it thanks to DanJ showing me this spot back on 08/15/2007. For the filming of this segment they have jumped all the way down to the 100 block of NE 40th Street in Miami.

Michael heads to his apartment and Fi is already there.

For Miami Vice fans this is a familiar item. Every time I see these lips in Burn Notice I think of sex world in the Miami Vice episode Little Miss Dangerous. These are the exact same lips that appear in that episode as well as other Miami Vice episodes. They were lit up on the front of what is now Jerry’s Famous Deli in Miami Beach.

Now for a really amazing Miami Vice connection. Michael goes to the client, Cara’s apartment. Right away I see this is the exact same place that Miami Vice used for Hank Weldon’s apartment in the episode, Out Where the Buses Don’t Run.

The screen capture below left is from Burn Notice.  The screen capture below right is Miami Vice Season 2 episode Out Where The Buses Don’t Run.

As the picture above left indicates this apartment is located at the intersection of NE 2nd. Ave. and 44th Street.

Then we see Michael arrive at his mother’s where we are introduced to Michael’s “new” wheels. His father’s Charger tag # P9C374. Filmed on set inside the studio.

Next, Michael meets Sam at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center. It is set up to look like a South Beach Cafe called Carlito’s.

Then we cut briefly to Cara’s apartment on 2nd Ave.

Below Michael jumps off the roof.  Picture to right, the red arrows indicate where he exits onto roof and where he jumps off by utility pole.

Below:  This building is seen in the background as Michael leaps from the roof and is located at 152 NE 41st Street in Miami.

Red arrow = Channel 10 tower seen in background.

Blue arrow = building seen in background.

Orange arrow = where Michael exits onto roof.

Yellow arrow = where Michael leaps off roof.

Michael and Sam go to Fredo’s. This was filmed on location at 150 NE 40th Street in Miami.

Then we cut to Cara’s apartment again where Fiona has fun with fire. Filmed on location at 4400 NE 2nd Ave.

Then  we head to the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center again where we follow Sam and Michael around the parking lot.

Next, it is over to Star Island for a lawyer visit. 27 East Star Island Drive. The cartel’s attorney, Bruce Gellman, pulls out of 27 E. Star Island Drive and heads south but does not get far. They stop before they get to the tower.

House seen in background.

Blue arrow = lawyer leaves house.

Red x = BMW stops.

Yellow arrow = tower in background.

Then we go to spy on the spy Akhom Thabet. Not a lot of clues here but I am pretty sure this is back at the Sheraton Bal Harbour.

We then see this nice view of Star Island where Michael first met the cartel Lawyer. This leads into Michael going to the same spot on Star Island to meet him again only to greet a hit man instead who Michael easily neutralizes.

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Original air date:  07/12/2007

Miami Vice

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Fight or Flight

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of Michael’s original loft (528 NW 7th Ave.)

Then it cuts and we see him with Fiona eating on his steps. Only for this we have moved to the rear of the studio to a new set for the exterior of his loft.

Then we head to Madeline’s. Filmed on set at the studio.

While there we see the bad guys headed their way. Location unknown.

We see them travel over the same location twice coming from the cross street the second time. An obvious goof. Location unknown.

The fake container that we see them walk by here will be seen throughout the series as long as Michael’s stays in the loft. For convenience, they have placed the wall on wheels to make it easy to move around as seen in my picture below right.

Then we go to the exterior of Michael’s loft. This was filmed on set at the rear of the C.G.C.C. Studio, just yards away from where we just saw them walking around.