Episode  7 starts with Michael meeting with Agent Bly at Carlito’s to give him a hard time but agent Bly has a surprise for Michael to regain the upper hand. He has put the police on Fiona who is just pulling in to meet Michael. Fiona is in a stolen vehicle with firearms that she does not have a permit to posses. This was filmed at the rear of the C.G.C.C. ( Coconut Grove Convention Center ).

As Michael runs out to rescue Fiona, the camera cuts to Ocean Drive by 14th Street.  This area was used in many a Miami Vice episode. Most memorable for me is Switek standing on the front porch of the building below in the teaser of No Exit featuring Bruce Willis.  Now Fiona and Michael are escaping past it.

They turn right, westbound on 14th Street.  The public bath house is seen in the background. This is a new bath house only a couple years old.  It replaces the one in the same location that was featured in the Miami Vice episode Bushido.

Bushido  1985

They head west on 14th Street but then all of a sudden they are back behind the C.G.C.C. Passing Carlito’s with filming equipment and director’s chairs clearly visible.

Then they drive by the set of the exterior of Michael’s place. The right side of the screen showing a rear view that is still on 14th Street while the left side it shows a forward view that is behind the C.G.C.C..

Next it cuts to what at first looks like it might be a bridge but is actually SW 27th Ave. Behind the C.G.C.C. They are headed eastbound.

Then it cuts back to Deco Drive (Southbound in front of Bistro 1410) before cutting again to SW 27th Ave.

Then while the right side of he screen remains on SW 27th Ave. The left side shows them headed west on 14th Street toward Collins Ave.

They continue to switch between Deco Drive and SW 27th Ave. They turn northbound on Ocean Court from 14th Street. The chase continues in the alleyway and at SW 27th Ave. Until they enter the parking garage at 13th Street between Collins Ave. and Ocean Court.

They ditch the car at the top of the first ramp. Michael jumps over the north wall.

Fi takes the north stairs.

Michael escapes northbound up Ocean Ct.

After the teaser we find Michael and Fiona at Michael’s place debriefing.  Then it cuts to little Havana,  Calle Ocho.  First they show the Bay of pigs memorial located at 1300 SW 8th St (Calle Ocho).

Then they show The Art Of Freedom located at 14th Ave and Calle Ocho.  This establishes them as being in Little Havana before they actually go north to continue filming.

Red arrow is pointed to the Bay Of Pigs Memorial

Green arrow is pointed at the Art Of Freedom.

Michael goes to meet the new client, Ernie Paseo.  We are lead to believe this occurs in Little Havana but it is actually north of there in a small shop on NW 17th Ave by NW 32 Street.  At this point we only see the interior but later we see the exterior which allows us to figure out where it was filmed.

Michael leaves and we see him walking along NW 17th Ave. He passes by 3151 NW 17th Ave walking north.

He is on the phone with Sam. The scenery behind Sam is Barnacle Island and Water World but there is no matching structure in the right place to have filmed this which means they either built this set on the rear of the studio second floor deck or inside the studio and the background is a screen.

Then we go to Carlito’s at the C.G.C.C.. There they make plans and go to work. We next see them at Ocean Drive and 13th Street.

Here we meet the Boss

Sam and Fiona are parked on 13th Street near Collins Ave.

Then we cut to NW 33rd St. at NW 17th Ave..

Then we cross NW 17th Avenue to the east side.

Then we return to the C.G.C.C., to Michael’s place before returning to NW 17th Ave. via set up shots from Calle Ocho.


Original air date:  08/09/2007

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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