Burn Notice

Episode 8

Wanted Man


Original air date : August 16, 2007

The episode begins with us getting a look at Fiona’s apartment. This was filmed on location with the camera located on North Shore Drive shooting south toward Calais Drive where Fiona’s apartment is. This is on Normandy Isle in Miami Beach.

Next we go to Sobe (South Beach). To the Victor hotel, a favorite filming location for Miami Vice. The Victor is located on Ocean Dr (Deco Drive) at 12th Street.

Blue arrow points to the Victor while the red arrow  points to where Michael parks.

Fiona is now working as a bounty hunter and ropes Michael into helping her. The man she is hunting leaves the front of the Victor in a hurry as Fi and Michael arrive.

The pursuit goes westbound down 12th Street away from Ocean Drive with Fiona running down the north side of the street. The wanted man, fugitive Thomas McKee turns south down Ocean Court. Of course Fiona is way ahead of him and easily captures him. They leave headed northbound on Deco Drive.

In the next scene we are back at Fiona’s apartment. The interior shots may be a location shot or maybe a set at the studio. The exterior shots are on location as identified above.

Next we go to the gangs favorite restaurant, Carlito’s at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center. Here Sam meets with Barry to develop a lead.

Then we go to the fence, Cristo’s home.  Unknown location only the interior is shown.

Michael then returns home to the studio set at the rear of the C.G.C.C..

After meeting with Sam it is off to Fiona’s on Calais Drive in Normandy Isles.

Then we return to the Victor where we meet the thief, Lawrence Henderson.

Then we return to Fiona’s where they have a run in with the other bounty hunter.  After Fiona helps Michael handle the bounty hunter they go to Michael’s.

Next we go Deco Drive for Michael and Sam walking and talking. They are walking southbound in the 1200 block of Ocean (Deco) Drive in front of the Tides Hotel. The deco eyebrows over the windows in the background belong to the famous Carlyle and the famous red letter sign can barely be seen from the side. The yellow highlight on the deco brows seen in front of the Carlyle belong to the Leslie Hotel. The restaurant tables with the red and white picnic type table cloths belong to the Hosteria Romana at 1230 Ocean Drive.

The purple arrow below points to where Sam and Michael were walking.  The red arrow is where Fiona collars McKee . The blue arrow points to the Victor.

Next, we return to the Victor for Sam to meet with Mr. Henderson.  Here we see a great deal of the Victor’s interior. In the 80’s we saw it often in Miami Vice dressed up in different ways.

Next, Michael meets Anwar, the Libyan operative in a parking garage.

This was filmed in the garage of the Greenberg Traurig Building located at 1221 Brickell Ave. Miami.

After meeting with Anwar, Michael returns home, which was filmed on set at C.G.C.C. .

Next, Michael goes to Antica House to meet with Henderson. This is located at 5630 N. Bay Road in Miami Beach. Seems like Burn Notice likes to use the houses in this area for filming.

Then it is back to Michael’s for a group meeting.

Next, Michael heads back to the parking garage on Brickell for a meet with Anwar. 6th Floor.

Michael is placed in the car and driven to an off site location for the meet. Probably a set at C.G.C.C.  But I am not sure, location un-sure.

Next, Sam and Fiona recon. the security measures at Antica House (5630 N. Bay Road) before returning to Michael’s to plan their next move.

Then Fiona goes to the residence of one of Henderson’s security guards, and gives him a bribe to raise suspicions.

This location is unknown.

Then Sam meets with Michael on South Beach. They meet on Deco/Ocean Drive by the volleyball courts. They are just south of 12th Street and in front of the Victor Hotel. Close to where we saw him use the pay phone to call his handler Dan Siebels in the Pilot.

Then Michael goes to meet Henderson at the Victor.

That does not go so well and Michael escapes back to his loft.  Then Sam meets with Barry at Carlito’s (set at the rear of the C.G.C.C.) and gives him a gift and gains info. on where Henderson would likely bring the broach.

Michael returns to the same parking garage and meets with Anwar again.  Then we go to North Bay Road again to Henderson’s house (Casa Antica).

From the house Henderson goes to “Dade Trust”. This is actually the Greenberg Traurig Building located at 1221 Brickell Ave. Miami. This building houses the parking garage where we saw  Michael go to meet Anwar three times.


Filming goof. Fiona blocks the east end of the street with a stolen car and moments later Henderson pulls up to the bank and we clearly see there are no cars at that end of the street.  OOOOPS.

Fiona has some fun. This was filmed at the parking lot on the north-east corner of the intersection of Collins Ave. and 12th Street in Miami Beach. This is the location where the Senator Hotel once stood. The Senator was a major location in the Miami Vice episode, Milk Run.

After a brief stop at Michael’s we are back on Ocean Drive in Sobe.  We are just north of the Victor Hotel at 12th Street. In the Satellite picture below the red arrow points to where Michael parked.

Michael and Fiona drive off into the sunset (well almost).


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The first time I remember seeing the Greenberg Traurig building on film was in 1984. Miami Vice, episode 6, One Eyed Jack. The building we see Sam shooting from here was the Mutual of Omaha building that was seen in the background as Barbara Carrow was being picked up. The Greenberg Traurig building is seen next to it under construction with about  5 stories of the structure started.



If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org