The teaser begins with Fiona and Michael doing some shopping. Fiona is seen coming out of Barney’s of New York. This was filmed on location at 832 Collins Ave. Sobe. The Levi’s store is seen in the background (red sign).

They continue shopping in that area then they are seen walking down the street. They are still walking southbound on Collins Ave. but now they are up, just north of 20th Street.

Michael enters 1905 Collins Ave. To obtain a fake I.D.

After the teaser Michael and Fiona are back at Michael’s where Michael gets the handcuffs off. This was filmed at the studio. Next, Michael meets with Sam at Carlito’s which was also filmed at the studio.

Then Michael goes to meet Lucy Chen. I am not sure where this was filmed.

Then we meet Evelyn, the client. This was filmed on Hollywood Beach at the Tides.

Then we go to Madeline’s for Michael to recover some documents.  The interior is no doubt a set and the exterior shot we have already learned is on NW N. River Dr.

Then we go to Michael’s which was filmed on set at the studio.

Michael then returns to Hollywood beach for another meeting with the client. Is there a SPARK?  Michael walks away.

Michael and Sam go to search the “husbands” house. Thanks to GEJedi on the USA Burn Notice Forum we know this was filmed at 176 NE 50th St. Miami.

Then it is back to Hollywood Beach to see Evelyn again. From there we see a few quick looks at the beach and some bathing beauties. This looks like reused film shot earlier for episode 6 Unpaid Debts.  Same topless girl wearing the same suit, at the same shower at the Albion Hotel pool.

Then Sam meets Michael at Carlito’s and lets him know  that he tracked their guy down to a campsite in the keys, Mangrove Campground which is not a real place.

Unpaid Debts

False Flag

Michael picks up Evelyn in Hollywood and heads for the Keys. We see them drive over the Card Sound Road bridge to Key Largo made famous in the Miami Vice episode Bushido.

We then see them pulling out of a gas station. This is the Citgo that is located just as you pull onto the Keys.

From Google Earth

Michael and Evelyn arrive at the camp. The camp is a prop built just for this episode and is on Virginia Key just off shore from Miami.

Michael and the new client Doug, make a far-fetched escape from the camp and we next see them in the jeep at Morningside Park in North Miami. They are at the far north end of the park.

Fiona takes Doug back to the loft. Sam and Michael head off to save Lucy. This was filmed near the intersection of SW 8th Street and SW 37th Ave.

Next we go to Lucy’s office to bandage her up and then the gang all goes to Michael’s. From there Sam goes to Madeline’s house to secure her away while Doug, Michael, and Fiona all stay put.

The next morning the gang heads off to bring Doug to the Feds’ for protection.

Evelyn is in position to pick him off. This was filmed on Collins Ave. at 21st Street. She is on the roof of the Hotel Setai, poor position, she is not much of a sniper.

After Evelyn takes the fall we see Michael meeting with Lucy and getting his new identification. This was filmed at the rear of the studio.

The End


Original air date:  09/13/2007

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  Loose Ends/Dead Drop

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org