Burn Notice

       Episode 24

Seek and Destroy


Original air date:  02/05/2009

The episode starts with Fiona and Michael going to Seymour’s house to get his help in tracking down Derek Poole. This was filmed at Madona’s old house on Brickell Ave. 3029 Brickell Ave. Miami. We saw this same place used as Seymour’s residence in episode 19, Rough Seas.

Next we go to Carlito’s where Michael is prepared for his new job.

Then its off to his new job.  This was filmed at Miami Art Central (MAC), 5960 SW 57 Ave. (Red Road) Miami.

While at the art center Michael receives a call from Seymour which brings him to an outdoor cafe where the Russian mafia hangs out. This was filmed at the Greenview, 1671 Washington Ave. Miami Beach.

Then we go to Michael’s place.

After Michael’s we go back to the art center where Michael finds that the receptionist is the spy he is looking for.

This leads us to Carlito’s and then to Michael’s.

From there we return to the art center where Michael erases the security videos.

Then we return to Carlito’s.

After Carlito’s we see Fiona and Sam at a bar. This was filmed at the Shelbourne Hotel, 1801 Collins Ave., Miami Beach according to the USA Network Burn Notice web site.

Then we see Fiona bring Orr up to his room in the Shelbourne hotel and Sam trying feebly to break the door in. Room 328.

Then we see Michael go to Chandler’s house.  Location unknown.

Next we go to the art center where Michael discovers Chandler’s hidden files but is unable to gain access.

Then its back to Carlito’s. There Michael gets a call from Seymour who has followed the waitress to the bomber’s place.

Then we see Fiona, Michael, and Seymour outside the bomber’s house. Looks like a tree had fallen on the place.  Location unknown.

Then we return to Michael’s place. There he receives a call from Melanie who is at the art center. Fiona blows up Chandler’s car.

Burn Notice does not use computers to generate fake explosions. They did a good job on a junk Jaguar.  It reportedly was missing the engine and brakes so they had to push it at the start of the scene to make it look like Chandler was pulling in.

At the end of the scene we see Fiona hiding nearby in the bushes having triggered the explosion. Only I recognize the scenery in the background as being the grounds of the studio. The sculpture behind her gives it away.

Then we go back to the bar at the Shelbourne with Sam and Orr.

This leads us to Chandler’s house.  Location unknown.

Then we go to Carlito’s.

This leads us to the bomber’s house. Fiona and Michael capture Derek and bring him to Seymour’s. The episode ends there.



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