Original air date:  03/05/2009

The episode starts with Michael walking along a city street and stopping on a corner. There he gets picked up in a limo by Carla. DanJ on the USA networks Burn Notice forum found this filming location. This scene was filmed in Mid-Town Miami. When we first see Michael he is walking southbound on Buena Vista Ave.

Michael walks down to NW 32nd Street where he stops on the NE corner of the intersection.

Carla’s limo pulls up from the east on NW 32nd Street.

Michael enters into Carla’s limo and must have passed through a worm hole because as soon as he is in the limo we can see the background has changed. They start on Ocean Terrace at 74th Street with the 74th Street sign in the background but very difficult to read. In the back ground we see the high rise that replaced the Blue Waters Hotel. This is practically holy ground for Miami Vice fans because this is where most of the episode, The Maze was filmed.

They head north up Ocean Terrace. In the Screen capture below you can see a bag over the parking meters outside where they restricted parking for the filming.

They travel all the way up Ocean Terrace to 75th Street where they round the corner and we see the Days Inn.  This is where Michael catches his brother Nate following him in the episode 16, Comrades.

Then after making the turn some how they are back on Ocean Terrace near the Days Inn.

Then they make the turn again. As they do you can see a Miami Beach police car escorting the limo so that there would not be any interruption of the filming. This filming goof was my first clue that the filming was done on Miami Beach and not Mid-Town Miami.

Then they make the same turn at the corner of Ocean Terrace and 75th 3 more times.

Then we see them eastbound on 74th Street near Harding Ave.

Then we see them on 75th Street near Harding Ave.. Passing by Harding Beach. The sign over the door, Harding Beach, gave this location away.

Then they round the corner from Ocean Terrace onto 75th Street again and again we see the escorting police car.  Some pretty poor filming/editing in this segment.

Then we see them on 74th St. driving east by the same building we see in the back ground at the end of episode 17, Scatter point where Timo gets whacked.

They stop while facing northbound on Ocean Terrace.  When Michael gets out of the limo he must pass back through the worm hole because he is back out at the intersection of Buena Vista Ave. and NW 32nd Street.

Then we go to where they are holding Victor. This is the old cement facility we saw  in episode 16, Comrades.  Thanks to DanJ for finding this location. Krome Ave. and SW 58th Street.

Next, we go to Victor’s boat. This was filmed in Holland Park. Johnson Street at N. 9th Ave. in Hollywood, FL.

While Fiona and Michael are at the boat Sam questions Victor at the Cement plant.

Michael and Fiona return to the cement plant.

This leads Sam to Madeline’s house (studio set) to pick her up and bring her to Disney World so she would be safe.

Then it cuts back to the Cement plant. Carla’s team finds them and the chase is on.  They run around the facility for a while. Say the dumbest line of the series about bullets not piercing a cars radiator but they can bounce off the ground and enter the car from underneath, scarier than hitting the windshield. Then they head north on Krome Ave. As Carla calls from the Diner Key Marina behind the studio.

Then all of a sudden they are in Mid-Town Miami. They turn from northbound on Midtown Blvd. to westbound on NW 32nd Street. They immediately take a right into a parking garage.

It briefly cuts back to Madeline’s as Carla’s guys arrive.  Then back to the parking garage where Michael and Victor pick a new ride with run flat tires. While there Michael calls Fiona who is just completing a deal at the Seminole boat ramp on the south side of the studio. We saw this same location in episode 6, Unpaid Debts, where they repo the boat and put it on a trailer here.

Then it cuts to Madeline’s before returning to the garage.  Michael and Victor break out and the chase is back on.

They come off of W. Flagler Street onto NW South River Drive.

They continue west along the river.

Fiona gets things ready just in time. This was filmed on NW South River Dr. at NW 7th Ave.

They are briefly further on traveling on NW 4th Street, westbound from NW 8th Ave.

They get away from Carla’s people. Next they are seen at the same filming location as the end of the limo drive (interior scene). Ocean Terrace at 74th St. This is one of Victor’s safe houses and he has a small storage box on the utility pole.

6 Unpaid Debts

Then we go to Madeline’s house where Carla’s people are attacking. Sam and Madeline escape out the back and then Sam falls in love. With a Buick.

Sam and Madeline take a short ride.  Location unknown.

Madeline makes Sam pull over. This is on Buena Vista Ave. In Mid-Town Miami very near where the episode started. When Michael is walking at the start of this episode then stands to await Carla’s arrival in the limo, we see this small park in the background where Madeline and Sam are now stopped. Now we can see where Michael was walking and standing in the background.

Then we go back to 74th St. where Victor grabs his box of the pole with the help of Michael and Fiona.

Next, Michael looks through the papers. This was filmed on the beach adjacent to the Days Inn on Ocean Terrace and 75th Street. The corner that we saw them go around several times in the limo can be seen in the background.

Michael takes Fiona aside for a private talk. This is the same beach where Crockett and Tubbs walk toward the safe house in Miami Vice’s episode 34, Definitely Miami.

Then we see Michael and Victor return to Victor’s boat still located at Holland Park. They approach through the trees at the far south east corner of the parking lot.

Then we cut to Fiona meeting Sam at one of the emergency meeting locations.  This filming location is also on Ocean Terrace. They are at the Ocean Surf Hotel 7436 Ocean Terrace. This is the same location where we saw Sam and Michael have drinks in episode 16, Comrades.

Michael walks up and waits for limo.

Blue arrow is where they pass Harding Beach.

Red arrow is where they drive along building with blue diamonds on it (7400 Ocean Terrace).

Orange arrow is the corner they take numerous times.

White arrow is where they travel up Ocean Ter.

It does not take long for them to realize what they should do, and they both get up and go. Then we see Victor get shot on his boat.  As Carla is threatening to blow up Michael and Victor, Fiona shoots her from the woods.

After Victor is put down we meet management.

Michael goes for a ride with Management. Michael wants out and management shows him the door.

“You want out , there’s the door. But here this, you have no idea what hell will rain down on you if we stop watching out for you.

I’ll take my chances.”  

Michael chooses the door and a refreshing swim as he jumps into the water off shore from Key Biscayne.




The end of Season 2

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Episode 29  Friends and Family

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