Burn Notice

Episode 2


This episode starts outside Madeline’s home with Michael trying to figure out from where were the pictures of him taken that he discovered in his apartment at the end of the Pilot episode.

As we learned in the Pilot Michael is standing in the intersection of NW 9th Court and NW North River Drive in Miami.

Based on the fake rock walls in the house, the horrible lighting and blank white wall seen out the front door, we can tell that they have started to film the interior shots of Madeline’s home at the studio set in the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

After finding a listening device, Michael runs out of his mother’s house and goes down two houses to an empty house. Only we see him run out onto the street not by his mother’s house but by Javier’s house (from the Pilot). Michael runs out of a driveway 3 houses (#851) to the east of Javier’s house on NW 7th Street Road. On the left is the intersection where Michael crashed the carjacked Camaro into the Pontiac.

Blue arrow points to Javier’s house.

In the picture below:

The blue arrow = Javier’s house

Yellow arrow = Madeline’s house

Green arrow = Michael runs into street.

Michael is then seen running past this house, 824 NW 7th Street Road.

Then he runs up and kicks in the front door of this house.  His spy training failed to teach him the proper way to kick in a door but it looked good on T.V.

Here we get to see the address of the house. 804 NW 7th St. Rd.

After putting out the fire and having the spies escape, Michael returns to his mother’s house. Madeline gets Michael to help her friend Laura with her problem.

They go across the street to Madeline’s friend, Laura’s home, filmed on location at 828 NW 9th Court.

Michael leaves Laura and meets Sam at Carlito’s. This occurs on set at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

The picture above was taken on 08/15/07. I believe that was the last day of filming for season 1.  Notice the green circles in the picture above and behind Michael in the screen capture to the left.

Michael then returns to his apartment to find the new Fi already there. For this filming they have also moved from the real life location to a set built at the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Fiona and Michael go to the printers. Thanks to Karen Cooper of Graphic Dynamics, Inc., we now know that this was filmed at Graphic Dynamics, Inc. 735 NW 7th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Thanks Karen.

The printer leads us to Bayside to the famous marina of James S. Crockett from Miami Vice. The boat they go to is very close to where Crockett had his boats tied up. Filmed on location at the Miami Marina, Bayside Marketplace.

Red is Burn Notice boat.  Light blue is location of Crockett’s boats.

We then cut to Michael’s apartment again. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we go to a nightclub. Even though I have been by this building many times it did not connect with me. I was out taking other pictures in the area with DanJ when he pointed to this building and mentioned it had been used in Burn Notice. Then it struck me that it was the Identity nightclub. Filmed on location at SW 6th Street and SW 1st Avenue, Miami. Thanks Dan.

Next we go back to Michael’s (set) briefly before heading to the beach.

The beach-side meet with the con-man was filmed at Surf Road and Walnut Street in Dania Beach, Fl.

Next we cut to Bayside to watch Fiona work on the car.

We cut to Michael running his con on the con walking on a pier. This was filmed on location in Dania Beach at the north end of North Beach Road. Miami Vice filmed for the episode Red Tape in this area.  

The scene cuts to Bayside, Miami Marina as Sam is on their computer. It then cuts back to Michael and he has jumped back to Surf Rd. and Walnut Street where the original beach meet was. He text Sam and Fiona to warn them that Bonnie and Greg are on their way back.

Sam and Fiona manage to talk their way out and off the boat.

The next scene returns to the Coconut Grove Convention Center for a set that resembles an outside bar. Carlito’s, same set as we saw earlier.

Next we go back to the night-club. Filmed on location at SW 6th Street and SW 1st Ave.

Then we see Sam on the phone with Michael. Sam was filmed on set in the studio while Michael is outside Madeline’s, arriving on NW North River Drive at NW 9th Ct. where they are headed to dinner with Madeline.

The next scene returns us to Miami Marina, Bayside where Sam blows up Quentin’s car.

Next we return to Michael’s place (set) then to the bar (SW 6th Street at SW 1st Ave.).

Michael then meets Quentin under the MacArthur Causeway Bridge on Watson Island. The Venetian Causeway is seen in the background at the start of the scene and the port bridge to Dodge Island is seen with downtown Miami as the scene continues.

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Above and below are photos I took on 11/24/2009

Original air date:  07/06/2007

ep 2 Identity page 2


As they enter Madeline’s we have switched from the real life location to the studio set in Coconut Grove.

1st revision 03/24/2013

Michael leaves the bar and calls Quentin. Quentin was filmed in a motel room at the Walunut Motel Apartments, in Hollywood. We will see more of them shortly.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org