Episode 4

Old Friends


The episode starts with the camera flying in to a shot of Niki Beach on Sobe. This is an establishing shot of the exterior as it then cuts into the interior of the bar where we find Sam and Michael at the bar. Based on the establishing shot it would appear that they are inside Niki Beach. They are not. They are inside the Sandbar Grill, 3064 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove, Florida. A real bar not a set. They used a real bar for this scene instead of Carlito’s, the bar they built at the rear of the studio and have already used as their hangout because they were going to be banned from the bar in this scene and wanted to continue to use the set at the rear of the studio for episodes to come.

Sandbar Grill  3064 Grand Ave. Coconut Grove.

Coco Walk

Sandbar Grill highlighted in yellow.

Next we go to the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio to the set of Michael’s apartment.

Then we go to Madeline’s where we meet Michael’s brother, Nate. Filmed on set at the studio.

Nate brings Michael to a new client Bill Reese. This was filmed on location at a cottage on Grant Street in Hollywood Florida. 325 Grant Street, 3 houses west of N. Surf Road. This was a real easy find because the view out the windows just looks like Hollywood beach with A1A running in the background.

Next we return to the CGCC (Coconut Grove Convention Center) to the Carlito’s set at the rear of the building where Michael meets with Sam and Fiona.

From Carlito’s we are off to meet “the boyfriend”. This is set up to be a Sobe nightclub. It is not a Sobe club. It is Oxygen Lounge and Sushi Bar located at 2911 Grand Ave., #500, Coconut Grove, FL.

The exterior is quickly recognized. It is the exterior rear of the CGCC just a few feet east of Carlito’s.

A rare filming goof in this scene leaves the stage lighting in our view as seen below at the left side of the screen capture.

Fiona completes the mission and we return to Michael’s place. First seeing an exterior establishing shot looking south from the NW 7th Street bridge over the Seybold Canal. This view looked strange to me, then I realized it was a reversed image where the imaged had been flipped.

Next, Fiona has located the hit man. Located him to easily for her liking and warns Michael as she lets him know where the hit man is, a hotel by the convention center, room 741.

Fiona is sitting in and watching the lobby of the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. 3555 South Ocean Drive.

Michael arrives and gets off on the 7th floor via stairway #4. There are two towers at the Diplomat Hotel. These scenes were all filmed in the south tower.

Moments later he is attacked in the hallway of the 7th floor.

Michael escapes into the elevator.  Then we cut to a fashion show on the outside, beach side of the Westin Diplomat. Here we meet the Wilhelm Brothers.

Then we go back upstairs where Michael searches the hit man’s room. Filmed on location at the Diplomat.  Then we see Sam talking with the FBI clowns at Carlito’s (studio set).

Next, we cut to a house party where we meet our target, Jenna Reese. I am getting quick at finding these locations thanks to Google Earth. This was filmed on location at 6380 North Bay Road, Miami Beach.

Next we head back to the house on Grant St. in Hollywood, Florida where Michael has to calm things down. The house number is revealed, 325.

Next Michael meets with Fiona and Sam at Carlito’s. Then he has to go to his mother’s house, filmed on set inside the C.G.C.C. Here they have more lighting issues.

Next, Michael rushes from Madeline’s home to his apartment (C.G.C.C. Studio) to save his brother. The hit man is waiting.

The building seen behind the shooter also appeared in the Miami Vice. Season 3 episode: By Hooker By crook.

Next we cut to Sam and Fiona who are getting ready to recover Jenna.

This was filmed near the party house on North Bay Road just before it meets Lagorce Dr. The address, 6437 is seen on the house in the background.

Next, we go back to Michael’s (set) where Nate is taking care of Michael’s injuries.

Then we go back to Carlito’s and then to the client’s house on Hollywood Beach. The operation is moved up and the team attacks the pimps at the same location where Sam dove on the pimp’s car. This time they kidnap the brother.

Michael and Nate hangout with the kidnapped brother at the beach. Filmed on location at Hollywood beach in the lot just north of Michigan Street.

Michael makes his demands known to the pimp. “You say tomato I say pimp”. This occurs on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk outside Nick’s Bar adjacent to where the kids talk to the police in the Pilot so Michael can get away from the FBI agents.

Michael and Nate walk north past the beach hotel that Michael stayed in during the Pilot before he got his current place.

We then go to the prisoner exchange. This was filmed on location at 6380 N. Bay Road. 

Next we go to Tony’s. Remember Michael seeing the cup in the hit man’s hotel room. Tony’s is next door to Nick’s Bar on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. Nick’s Bar is where the two young boys helped Michael get rid of the FBI Agents in the Pilot.

Michael returns to his place. He receives a “gift” from his old friends and the episode ends as Michael talks on the phone with Sam. Sam is calling from the Carlito’s set at the rear of the studio.

The End


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Episode 5

Family Business

Danj sits where Michael was seated.

Good news, the mirror has been replaced.

And so has the fire extinguisher.

The mirror replaced a TV just for filming.

Original air date:  07/19/2007

Nick’s Bar

Niki Beach

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Houses seen in background

We then go inside Michael’s where we see a unique view of the inside. Filmed on set inside the C.G.C.C. Studio.

As it appears on television

I have flipped the image back to how it looks in real life.


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Mail: cglide@sffl.comcastbiz.net

Then we see a brief scene where Fiona and Michael are in a store. This was likely filmed on a studio set but the location is unknown.

Then we return to Madeline’s where they go to work preparing. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we return Jenna to 325 Grant Street, Hollywood Beach.

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