Episode 5 begins in Michael’s loft, filmed inside the C.G.C.C. (Coconut Grove Convention Center) studio. 

After the teaser we are back at Michael’s where Fi is helping him fix his car and discovers a bug. They think Sam installed the bug. This was filmed on the south side of the C.G.C.C. just west of Carlito’s.

Next we go to Carlito’s which is filmed at the rear of the C.G.C.C.. Here we meet Jake Miller, The Client.

Next, Michael and Sam are seen doing surveillance outside Zamar Import Export.  Airtommy at Miami_Vice.org found this location. Located at 3814 N. Miami Ct. in Miami.

Then Fiona goes to work at Opa-locka Airport.

In the picture below the red arrow points to the Zamar’s hangar. The green arrows point to buildings seen in the bg. The blue arrow points off in the direction of the control tower that is seen in the background a couple of times.

We are next taken to the Sherita Apartments. This was filmed on location in South Miami Beach. Located on James ave. at 19th Street. (south west corner). 1840 James Ave.

We then go back to Zamar Import Export on North Miami Court where we see Sam and Michael watching the building and then follow the arms dealers away into a warehouse district.

We first see the tail on the railroad tracks alongside NW 22 Street just west of NW 10 Ave.

The dealers take the long way around and Michael (on foot) is already at their warehouse. This was filmed on NW 22 Terrace between NW 11 and NW 12th Avenues.

“Send that to China you sons a bitches. You know they use to have 30 union welders in here.” Sam saves the day.

After Sam saves the day we return to James Ave to the Sherita Apartments.

Then we see the son talking about the merits of warm wine Vs. Cool wine with his annoying girlfriend. This was filmed at the Setai Hotel, 2001 Collins Ave. which we will see again in episode 10 False Flag.

Then it is back to Michael’s to make some fake C-4. Then off to Madeline’s. Both filmed on set at the studio.

Now we go for the set up and demo.

This was filmed on location at; NW 22 Street between NW 10th Ave and NW 11th Ave.

The deal is on, next we meet again at the Setai Hotel in the same spot. From here we cut back to their favorite hangout, Carlito’s at the rear of the C.G.C.C.  Here Sam Acknowledges the bug he planted in Michael’s car and Michael gives Sam permission to search his apartment.


We then go for a drive in the 430 back to NW 23rd Street. The interior of the warehouse storage looks like a set but the exterior is the same we saw earlier on NW 11th Ave. at NW 23rd Street.

Then we go back to N Miami Court to Zamar Import Export offices. Filmed on location at 3814 N. Miami Ct. in Miami.

They have taken to parking Trailer trucks along this fence so I have not been able to get a really good re-creation shot of the sign and fence but I will keep an eye on it to see if the trucks ever leave.

Okay, here is why I think the interior was likely a set. I can over look the lighting because maybe it was an evening shot and from watching the series I know the lighting people on Burn Notice stink, and stink bad. So the unreal lighting does not throw me but what does is mainly two other big things as well as some smaller things. 1) look at the floor in the interior shot below. Flat,smooth, clean, nicely painted inside and out. Now look above at the exterior shot and it is an old filthy, dirty, stained, unpainted mess. 2) In the exterior shot above notice all the junk, and debris outside. Below there are only two clean neatly placed boxes. No debris, or filth seen. Also if you look further above where Michael is on the nearby roof observing. There is a large tank, like a 500 or more gallon water or fuel tank opposite the door. This is missing outside the door in the interior shot. Several smaller things lead me to feel it is a set. For example the size of the door in different cuts and the surgically clean appearance of a storage locker strikes me as fake.

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In picture below the:

Yellow arrow is pointed at the arms locker.

Orange arrow points to Michael’s position on the roof.

Red arrow is original storage facility where Sam rescues Michael from having to fight.

Green arrow points to wreckage yard where Michael demos the C4.

Blue arrow is where S+M stop the motorized tail and continue on foot.

Purple arrow is where Sam checks out the cash and carry.

They liked this area for filming on this episode.

Next we go to the south shore of the Miami river near (just west of) Big Fish to get rid of the weapons. Why get rid of them, I have no idea, makes no sense but throw them in the river is what Sam did. The S. Miami Ave. bridge is seen in the background behind Big Fish.

Problem solved the Zamars take off from Opa-locka Airport.

We then go back to the Sherita Apartments (1840 James Ave.) to debrief the client before returning to Carlito’s (set). At Carlito’s Sam meets with the F.B.I. and learns they are being pulled and a new team is taking over Michael’s case. Just as important, Sam meets his new girlfriend.

The episode concludes at Madeline’s house where ownership of Michael’s car is settled by a flip of a coin.




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Unpaid  Debts.






Night club used in #2 Identity.

Original air date:  07/26/2007


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


Mail: cglide@sffl.comcastbiz.net

Then we see Michael arrive to pick up Nate. The rust stains identified the exact spot this was filmed, distinguishing it from the numerous similar hangars.

4/14/13 1st rev.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


Mail: cglide@sffl.comcastbiz.net

Then we see Nate get thrown out of a hangar. This was filmed on location at Opa-locka Airport.

Michael picks up Nate.

Nate gets roughed up.

Michael and Sam are looking straight ahead but in real life they would have to look to their right to see Zamar Import/Export.

Then back to Michael’s place, filmed on studio set.

While there we see Sam plant a bug. This was filmed outside the Setai at the end of 20th Street.

 We then go to a nightclub. While this may possibly be a real place it looks like a set at the C.G.C.C..

Then we see Fiona and Michael back at his loft. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then back to the nightclub which was likely a set. Location unconfirmed.

Then it’s back to Opa-locka airport.

Next we go back to the weapons storage locker which was filmed on location at NW 11th Ave just north of NW 23rd Street. To me the interior still looks like a set which I will explain below.