The teaser begins with Michael and Fiona arriving at Michael’s apartment only to find the door open. Filmed on set at the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

While there Michael receives a call from his mother that men are about to come into her house. Michael takes off to the rescue. He is seen driving over Bridge Road (Star Island bridge).

After the teaser we see Michael and Sam at Sam’s new girlfriend’s place relaxing by the pool. This was filmed on location at the Albion Hotel, 1650 James Ave., Miami Beach, Fl.

From the pool Michael returns home (C.G.C.C. set). He keeps his tail busy with nonsense. They are parked at the rear of the studio, west of the Carlito’s set.

The shack was located at about the location of the front door of the bus in my picture.  Miami Vice tie in:  this shack is located where Miami Vice built the outlaw biker’s shack in the episode Viking Bikers From Hell.

From Virgil’s we go back to Michael’s where his car is being towed.

This pushes Michael toward accepting the job to help Virgil. To repo the boat the gang heads to the Waverly Marina, or at least that is what Sam calls it. In real life we are back at Jimbo’s 20 yards from Virgil’s shack. As the boat to be repossed pulls in it strikes me how close the scene resembles the shot from the Miami Vice episode,Glades. Now we see South Beach high-rises and a developed Fisher Island in the back ground where these were wooded in Miami Vice Days.

Michael takes a hat down and puts it on doing some advertising for Jimbo’s.

Burn  Notice 2007

Miami Vice 1984

Fiona and Michael are able to grab the boat and they drive it to the Seminole Boat Ramp at Dinner Key, which is right next to the C.G.C.C. Studio.

From the boat ramp they trailer the boat to the Grove Key Marina.  Here they meet Mason, the man who hired Virgil.

Red arrow points to the boat ramp.

Green arrow points to Grove Key Marina.

They sure did not have far to go.

Next we go to Madeline’s a set at the C.G.C.C.. Where Virgil will hole up.

Then we go over to Michael’s to scan for bugs. Still on set at the C.G.C.C..

Then we return to Madeline’s house (set).

Yellow arrow points to city hall.

Intercut we go to a field where Virgil and Sam are dumping the boat. This field is located near Jimbo’s on Virginia Key and is used several times in later episodes.

Yellow arrow is where they dump the boat.

Red arrow is pointing to Jimbo’s.

After The close call in the field they return to Madeline’s (set). Then Michael meets with the corrupt cop, Mason at the Diner Key Marina behind the City Hall.

Next Michael goes to plant a magnet to destroy a laptop at the Berkeley Shore Hotel on Collins Ave. just north of 16th Street.

Next we see Madeline and Virgil going out to dinner. This was filmed on location at the Albion Hotel. It was no mystery where this was filmed not because of the A shaped light by the door but because the address is clearly displayed above the door including the street name. 1650 James Ave.

Michael is at a bar at the same time meeting with the smuggler. This takes place downstairs at the Albion’s bar.

Next we go to Madeline’s garage (set at the C.G.C.C. studio) where they load up the money. While there Michael gets a call from his handler back at the Berkeley Shores Hotel. Michael calls Fiona and tells her the handler will be moving hotels so she can follow him.

Next we go to the Rickenbacker Causeway to trade $ for Virgil. Now Michael only took enough money for what they needed, so he said. Dumb, they could easily have skimmed off 1 million USD knowing they would burn the rest and no one would ever know. This is not the first time Michael has failed to take available funds. Not real smart for a smart spy. Now the Jamaicans arrive on the scene from the clearly dead end, end of the fishing pier, not the smartest Burn Notice scene. However; it is nice that they return to an often used Miami Vice location that was actually being built while Vice was filming. The start of the scene when they are at the U turn area under the causeway immediately reminded me of Walk Alone, from season 3 of Miami Vice. This is where Tubbs gets arrested at the start of the episode so he can go undercover in the prison. Also at the very start of the scene when Michael is looking out at the underside of the bridge it struck me that he was standing exactly where General Manuel Borbon from Costa Morada was killed when Crockett and Tubbs were double crossed in Miami Vice’s season 5 episode Freefall.

Above picture is from my Miami Vice location hunting taken 11/07/2007 not long from when Burn Notice filmed here.

Next we go to Madeline’s (set) to debrief before going outside to the area just east of Carlito’s called the Last Round Up. When the scene starts you can see the paint line between Carlito’s, yellow and Last Round up, green. It is rare that you see the break between sets like this but it works okay here. Here Michael sets up the situation so Fiona can pick the handler’s pocket.

Michael joins Fiona behind City Hall to learn the identity of the Handler, Jason Bly.



Burn  Notice 2007

Miami Vice, Free Fall 1989

Green arrow points to Albion. Blue arrow points to Sherita Apartments from #5 Family Business.

First time I remember seeing a topless woman on the USA network.

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Next we go to another Viking Bikers From Hell location. In fact my picture below right was taken in June 2007 close to the time Burn Notice filmed here but my picture was taken for the Miami Vice episode. This is along the north side of the west end of the Rickenbacker causeway.

Original air date: 08/02/2007



If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


Michael travels eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway and the Miami Herald is seen in the background.

Michael is seen arriving at his mother’s. This was filmed on location with Michael headed westbound on NW North River Road approaching NW 9th Ct. The teaser ends with Michael meeting his new handler at his mother’s house.

Then we go and meet Sam’s old navy seal buddy, Virgil. This was filmed on location at Jimbo’s on Virginia Key.


As seen on Miami Vice, Viking Bikers From Hell.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

We then go to the backyard. This may also be a set, but location unknown.

This location has not changed much since 1954 when the Mayor gave the whole cast of I Love Lucy, the keys to the city here.

Then we see a random shot of the South Pacific Motel, 6300 Biscayne Blvd. Miami. We will see this shot used several more times in the series.

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Episode 7 Broken Rules