Burn Notice

Episode 13

Breaking and Entering

     Season 2 episode 1


Original air date:  07/10/2008

Season two starts with a brief review of the end of season 1. Then we see Michael still inside a trailer truck with Sam’s car. We hear explosions, gunfire and a helicopter. The door opens and Michael finds himself in the aftermath of a conflict. This and the rest of the teaser were filmed on Virgina Key, Florida.

The burning plane seems to have been filmed just outside the waste water treatment plant. The wind-sock having been attached to a fence that surrounds and protects guide wires for a radio station antenna.

Jimmy, the new client called 911 when he saw Carla’s team coming. Michael has to get out of there now with Jimmy.

The Walton County Sheriffs are arriving on Sewage Plant Road.

Michael’s driving was filmed on different parts of the island.  Below we see him on the south-east shore with the bridge to Key Biscayne barely seen in the background.

Michael decides on an alternate route which requires him driving backwards through the woods so as not to trigger the airbags. This was filmed in the woods near the radio antenna field.

Scene goofs:  The wings have been cleanly unbolted and the plane is resting on pipes so they can roll the old junk plane around.

Michael arrives at the Walton County Municipal Pier with Jimmy. This was filmed at the Diner Key Marina at the end of Darwin Street near the studio.

Blue arrow is police arriving.

Yellow is Michael driving with water in the background.

Red is where Michael cuts through the woods.

Michael takes Jimmy out of the trunk for the long drive back to Miami.  We then see them driving over the Rickenbacker Causeway between Virginia Key and the mainland. They travel over the same ground several times mostly going west but there are some cuts where they are headed east.

Next we go to Michael’s, filmed at the studio.

Then to Carlito’s, also filmedat the rear of the studio.

Then its off to the job. This was filmed on 5th Street at Michigan Ave. on South Beach.

Green arrow points to the offices that  Jimmy and Michael went into.

Blue arrow points to the ramp Michael walks up with the 2 man security team.

Red arrow points to where Fi and Sam were parked.

After that outing we return to Michael’s at the studio.

Then Michael goes to his mother’s place. Also a set at the studio. The fake rock pillars give it away.

Then after being contacted by Carla he returns to the security offices on 5th Street.

From there he returns home to map out his plan.

Then we see them at Carlito’s.  Where Michael catches a bad observer. Then they move a few feet to the south and are on the outside set of Michael’s place.

Then it is back to 5th Street to get the data.

When that goes wrong they return to Michael’s.  

Michael pays a visit to his mother also filmed at the studio.

Then we go to the boat. This was filmed at world famous Jimbo’s on Virgina Key. Miami Vice filmed great episodes like Glades and Viking Bikers from hell here as did 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003). Of course we have seen it before in Burn Notice. Episode 6 Unpaid Debts.

With that problem resolved we next see Michael walking and talking with Jimmy at a marina. Thanks to Karendipitee on the USA network Burn Notice forum I now know this was filmed behind the Fresh Market / Grove Marina just north of the studio.

Then we return to Michael’s place where he meets with Fiona.

Then it is over to Carlito’s where we see Carla.



The introduction changes with this episode. During season one (except 2 Identity) the intro stated an old friend who’s informing on you to the F.B.I..  In this episode it changes to ... who used to inform on you...

Identity, episode 2: stated a friend who’s informing on you to the feds.

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Turn and Burn

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org