Burn Notice

 Episode 14

Turn and Burn

Original air date:  07/17/2008


As the episode starts we briefly see Michael in his apartment (at the studio).

We then see Michael, Sam and Fiona arrive at the marina mall meeting. This was filmed at Bayside in downtown Miami.

After the teaser we find our gang back at Michael’s. Then they go outside the back of the studio to Carlito’s where we meet the client.

Then we go to church. This was filmed up in Broward County. Saint Theresa Church, US1, Hollywood, Fl.  Just north of the circle.

Then we see Fiona meeting with Barry.  Location Unknown.

Then Michael goes to his mother’s house (studio set). He gets a call from Sam and then we see them together along the river at Raul’s work place. This was filmed along the Miami River on NW South River Drive at NW 9th Ave.

Red arrow points toward Raul’s work.

Green arrow is Michael’s place. At least the original building before they started using the studio set for filming.

Next, Michael has a back alley meeting with the client. This was filmed in Hollywood Fl. just west of the circle. When we first see her walking, you can see in the background behind her the restaurant, La Piazza, which is where Sam hires Fiona in the episode Loose Ends.  This is also the alley we will see in episode 35, Shot In The Dark where they stage the fake shooting.  Smokey and The Bandit 3 also filmed a chase thru this alley-way. N. 19th Ave. and the alley just south of Hollywood Blvd.

We find out that our client is really a Drug Enforcement Agency Agent. As the talk continues the scene cuts to Bicentennial Park in downtown Miami.

Next we go to Ernesto’s. This of course is La Piazza on Hollywood Blvd.

Where we meet the boss.

Then we see Michael at his place (studio set) washing some checks.  Then we go to Nefzi’s shop. This was filmed at Atlas T.V. 736 71st Street.  Miami Beach even though Barry stated that Nefzi’s shop was in South Miami.  Thanks to DanJ for showing me this location.

Next we go back to Ernesto’s. This time inside and  again it is La Piazza on Hollywood Blvd.

Then Michael goes to his mother’s house (studio set).

This leads him to another meet with Carla at Bayside Miami.

Then its back to the Miami River to Raul’s work place where Fiona causes some trouble.

Michael then meets his mother for counseling.  This is likely a studio set.

Then we see Michael and Madeline walking away from the counseling. This was filmed on Bonita Drive just around the corner from Atlas T.V..

Red arrow points to where we see Madeline and Michael walking.

Blue arrow points to Nefzi’s shop.

We then return to Ernesto’s (La Piazza).

Then to Michael’s apartment (studio set).

Then back to Raul’s work place on the Miami River.

While there, Sophia calls from outside Ernesto’s.

Next we go to Ernesto’s  then to an interrogation room that looks like a set at the studio.

Michael then meets Sophia outside the “federal building”.  This was filmed on 19th Ave. in Hollywood right next to La Piazza.

In the picture above, right the red arrows represent Sophia’s path. The two black arrows are where Michael was parked.

Red arrow points to La Piazza

Black arrow is where Michael parked.

Yellow arrow points to what is suppose to be the D.E.A Building.

Then Michael returns to Nezi’s on 71st Street.  Where he smashes out the rear window.

Then Michael goes to his mother’s house(studio).

Then he goes for one more meet with Carla at Bayside.  The episode ends there.




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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org