Burn Notice

  Episode 20

Double Booked


Original air date: 09/11/2008

The episode starts with Sam and Michael looking for Bill Johnson. To do this they are driving around to all the Bill Johnsons in the Miami area and going thru their garbage. We join them on location in Homestead.  At one point we can see a street sign that reads, SE 29 Dr. and SE 4 Pl. This gives the location away.

Seems strange that a smart spy would choose to go thru someone’s garbage right in front of their house instead of discretely picking it up and searching it down the street out of sight but then, no show is perfect.

Then we go to Michael’s place (studio set) where we meet Larry the undead spy. Larry offers Michael a job with the potential for more.  All he has to do is kill a nurse. Michael takes the job to make sure it does not get done.

Next we go to Carlito’s at the rear of the studio. Here we meet Campbell, Fiona’s new guy.

This leads us to where the target is. This was filmed at Florida International University on Campus drive off of SW 8th Street. Thanks to DanJ for finding this location and letting me use the picture below. The part of this scene where they are in the bathroom was filmed at the studio in a set designed to look like a real bathroom.

Then we go back to Michael’s place.

Next we see Sam and Michael meet at Carlito’s.

Then we go to Jeannie, the client’s home. For this we go up to Golden Beach, Florida.  To 155 Ocean Blvd. This is just 6 houses down (south) from the house used by Miami Vice in the episodes, Blood and Roses and Free Verse.  

Then we go back to Michael’s place where Larry shows up again.

After that we go to the Jaguar to get the job called off.  This is in the Grove next to Coco walk on grand Ave.

Then we go to Madeline’s house for the therapy session.

Next we return to Bill Johnson’s place to search it, and plant a bug.

 While there, Larry calls. He is walking along the Marina that is behind the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio. He is walking in the same spot where Fiona and Michael were walking at the end of episode 6 Unpaid Debts. After Fiona had stolen Bly’s wallet and Michael is looking at it to learn Jason Bly’s identity.

Then its back to the Jaguar. Michael learns that the job is still on and happening any second. He steals a truck from the side of Jaguar and heads out.

We then see Jeannie and Fiona turning onto SW 147 Ave. (street sign clearly visible) from Mediterranean Blvd. in Homestead, FL. at The Isles at Oasis.

Then we see Michael on the way. He comes up to the same intersection but he comes from the east where we saw Fiona and Jeannie come from the west. Michael turns southbound onto Mediterranean Blvd. as they had.

Michael cuts off the bigger truck with his stolen truck and stops the would be killer. This occurs in the Isles at Oasis.

Then we return to Michael’s. After finding out that Larry has turned the job back on we go back to the F.I.U. Campus.

After letting Jeannie know what was going on we return to Michael’s place.  Here it is revealed that the method of killing will likely be poison.

Then Michael goes back to the Jaguar.

Next it is back to the F.I.U. Campus to fake Jeannie’s death. Part of this scene was also filmed at a Hollywood Florida galley that I am tracking down now.

After that operation was completed we return to Madeline’s for another session.

Next Michael and Sam follow Bill Johnson to an office building. Very unique building and more of it is seen in the next episode. It was the headquarters of Burger King until they moved up near the airport. Here Michael sees him use the card that Michael had earlier forged. Michael starts to put things together and the episode ends here. This building is located at the end of SW 184th Street in Cutler, FL.

Red arrows indicate Fiona and Jeannie’s route.

Green arrows indicate Michael’s path.

Blue arrow points to Bill Johnson’s place.



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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown ocations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org