Original air date: 09/18/2008

The episode starts off at Burger King. Well the old Burger King Head Quarters building at the end of SW 184th St. At the end of the previous episode, Double booked we had followed Bill Johnson, the sniper to this location. We get a better look at the unique building in this episode.

When Michael exits the elevator he is still in the Burger King building but as soon as he walks down the hall toward the conference room he is in a totally different building. This was filmed at the south tip of South Beach at the end of Alton Road and South Pointe Drive.

When Michael looks out the window we see buildings in the background. These buildings are on Brickell Ave. In Miami.

Carla shows up and Michael has to sneak out. He and Sam leave but not before Sam plants a tracking device on Carla’s bike. This leads us to surveillance at Carla’s hotel. This was filmed at the Gansevoort Miami Beach Hotel (nice place) located at 2377 Collins Ave.

Looks like Sam picks a room on about the 6th floor of the north wing.

Next we see Michael back at his place taking Sam’s advice and hiding the access card. We see him making a slick, problem is he is doing it in an open exterior door where anyone and everyone watching him can see him create the hiding place. Dumb move for a smart spy. Fortunately he is inside the studio and the background is just a painted curtain.

Then we go to Carlito’s at the rear of the studio to meet Henry the client.

We go back to Michael’s to look at the files before heading over to Madeline’s (Both filmed on studio set).

Michael leaves and meets Henry in a park on the bay. The fact that it is open water with no land in the background and a canal next to it gave this location away. It is located at 17350 Old Cutler Road.

Very close to the old Burger King building that he had slipped into.

Then Henry delivers Michael’s fake file to the kidnappers. This was filmed at the Mayfair shops in Coconut Grove, just off of Grand Avenue near where the fake golf store was in # 19 Rough Seas.

Then we see Michael at a bar/restaurant. Filmed on location at 500 South Pointe Drive, Suite 180, Miami Beach. What is currently a place called Lilikoi

Then we go to Carla’s hotel where Michael searches her room, # 652. Filmed on location on the 6th floor of the Gansevoort, Miami Beach, 2377 Collins Avenue.

Then we go to Michael’s place. Filmed on studio set.

Then to Carlito’s where Michael meets with Henry. Studio set at the rear of the CGCC Studio.

Then Michael meets with Max Lesher at a bar/ restaurant. This is the same place where we first saw them meet. Filmed on location at 500 South Pointe Dr.  When they come out we see Joe’s Stone Crab in the background. They are standing on South Pointe Drive, a few feet east of Washington Ave., outside the bar where they first met.

Then its back to Michael’s. Interior and exterior both filmed at the studio.

Then Michael Meets Nate. This was filmed at the Biltmore Hotel, 1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables.

Then we go to the Arroyo’s house. Where Michael picks up his fare and drives her to the Biltmore. The location of the Arroyo’s house is 3305 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables. This is a Walter Degarmo designed home. I have come to know about this famed architect through the use of his notable properties in Miami Vice. As they drive away from the residence we see unique street lamps that told me this was filmed in Coral Gables in the area of the Biltmore. So I started looking there and it did not take long to find it once I noticed the street lights.

Then we go to Michael’s (set) where we learn that they are not backing off.

Michael returns home to get patched up. Filmed on set inside the studio.

Then Michael returns to his place where he does the, I found god phone call. Filmed on studio set.

Then he meets with Max Lesher at an outdoor cafe. In real life this is not a cafe but just a parking lot at a boat ramp (Seminole) near the studio.

Then we see Michael walking back to his car. This was filmed no where near where they filmed the cafe scene. This is on the south part of South Beach on Ocean Ct. near South Pointe Dr.



They head northbound passing 3301 Alhambra Circle.


Then sothbound past 1498 Sevilla Avenue and 2819 Alhambra Circle.





If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org



















If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org


Burn Notice


Episode 21
Good Soldier
Season 2 Episode 9

Then we return to Carla’s hotel. Filmed on location at the Gansevoort.

In a bizarre twist we see the car pull out of the driveway. It cuts twice as it does so. After the second cut they are in the street at an angle, however, they have jumped from 3305 Alhambra Circle to being just north of the house and the car is seen as though it were pulling out of San Rafael Ave. This puts her house (3505 Alhambra Circle) prominently in the background.

We then see Michael walking with Max Lesher. This was filmed across the street from Carla’s hotel. Walking southbound on Collins Ave. by 24th Street.

Then continue south past 2907 and 2915 Alhambra Circle.

They arrive at the Biltmore where Michael certainly over does it.

They walk onto the grounds of the Waterside Inn at 2360 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. Or Mike’s World of Waves as it was called in episode 102 of Miami Vice, Jack Of All Trades.

As seen in Jack Of All Trades

Then we see him back at the Biltmore. While at the Biltmore he receives a call from Sam who is at Carla’s hotel.

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P2 Good Soldier 21

Then Michael meets with Henry back at the same park on the bay located at 17350 Old Cutler Road.