Original air date:  01/22/09

This episode starts off where the previous episode ended. At Michael’s apartment (Rear of studio) approximately 20 minutes after the door bomb went off nearly killing Michael. Michael landed on the roof of his car which helped reduce the injuries.  Now Sam is there to help Michael.

When I took the picture below,(09/16/2008) the burn marks were still on the exterior studio wall.

Sam spots trouble and gets Michael out of there. We next see them westbound on NW South River Dr. Just west of NW 27th Ave. They are driving by the location of the Falcon Restaurant in Miami Vice’s episode 44, Sons and Lovers.  This is where Angelina has Tubbs kidnapped.

Then very briefly we see a stunt driver headed north under the NW 27th Ave draw bridge, on the south east side.

Then we are headed west toward NW 27th Ave. on NW 18th Ter.

From NW 18th Ter. they turn right and head under NW 27th Ave.

They turn right on NW south River Drive and head west along the Miami River past the Falcon Diner and where we first started the chase.

Two cars attempt to cut off Sam and Michael in front of the Miami Fire Fighters hall and offices.

Sam drives thru some scaffolding (Why was it there?) and gets away.

Then we see Sam park the Buick and have to say good bye to it.  This was filmed on NW 34th Street near Buena Vista Ave. in Mid-Town Miami.

Then Michael spots a guy trying to kill himself by jumping in front of a bus. This was filmed on Midtown Blvd. south of NW 34th Street.

After Michael saves Kenny we go to Kenny’s house. Thanks to MiamiJim on the Burn Notice board we now know that this house is located in North Miami at 12580 Palm Rd.

Then we see Michael and Sam walking down the street and Michael gets into the car with Carla’s guy. This was filmed in Coconut Grove on Oak Ave. just east of Elizabeth Street.

Michael is taken to Carla’s new office. Location unknown, Likely a set.

Then we see Michael back at his place before going to the clinic. The clinic including the exterior was filmed at the studio in Coconut Grove.

Next we go to where they will hold their new prisoner. This was filmed at the Miami Woman’s Club on N. Bayshore Dr. at NE 17th Ter. in downtown Miami.

Then we go back to Kenny’s house before going to Madeline’s (studio set).

Then we go back to the woman’s club where we learn about Phillip and a club called Teasey’s. Then we go to Michael’s place.

Then we go to look for Phillip. This was filmed in coconut Grove at the south end of Commodore Plaza.

Kenny chases Phillip around the corner onto Main Highway and into the first alley on the left. Michael brings him to the Woman’s Club where they do the old who talks first trick. Then we go to Carlito’s.

From there Michael goes to Carla’s office

Then we return to Madeline’s home.

From there we meet with Rachel in a pool area. This was filmed at the Mutiny Hotel in Coconut Grove.

Then Michael returns home. Then we see him with Fiona and Sam at Carlito’s before returning home to make a home made doppler location detecting device.

Then we see Fiona and Campbell in his ambulance where he breaks up with her.  Location unknown.

Next Michael calls Rachel from the Woman’s Club. She is in her house in Keystone Estates. The script follows real life because the house where this scene was filmed is located at 12405 Keystone Isle Drive, Miami.

Then Michael meets Kenny at Carlito’s and gives him the money for his son Jack.

After Carlito,s Michael returns home to find Carla there.  The episode ends at Michael’s apartment.




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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org