Burn Notice

   Episode 23

  Hot Spot


Original air date:  01/29/2009

The episode starts out with Michael and Fiona trying to identify the bomber by stealing a computer that holds security camera footage.  This was filmed on NW 36th Ave. in the 4500 block.

Next we go to Michael’s place where he looks at the “tapes” and see the guy who planted the bomb. Then we go to Carlito’s where Sam and Michael talk.

Then we go to football practice to meet the new client. This was filmed on Miami Beach in Flamingo Park off 11th Street.

Then, as Michael and Sam are leaving they find Carla is there waiting for Michael. She is waiting on 11th Street near the intersection of Lenox  Ave.

Then we see Carla’s new office. Looks like the one from Do No Harm.  Location Unknown. Looks like a set.

Then Michael returns home. He finds Fiona worked up about this case and decides to help the clients.

We then go to where the gang is hanging out. This was filmed at 3727 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove.

Next, we return to Michael’s place. Then to Madeline’s before returning to Michael’s to dress in uniforms.

Then they go to work. They pull up alongside Felix and attack his goat, shooting out the tires and burning a hole in the hood.  This was filmed just outside the studio, at the intersection of SW 27 Ave. and S. Bayshore Dr.

Then we return to Madeline’s house before we see Sam talk to the coach back at the football field.

Then we go to Michael’s where we see him preparing to enter the back door of the gangs hangout. Then they go to the hangout on Grand Ave.

Then we see Fiona and Michael return to Michael’s place before Fiona heads out to A.S.A. Dismantling and Demolition. This was filmed on N. Miami Ave. between 13 and 14th Streets. In the Miami Vice episode Lombard, they filmed a scene at the business across the street.

Then we see Michael taking out one of Felix’s team. We see Michael in a covered parking area. The clue to finding this location was realizing that there was water on at least two sides of the building. This led me to Jest Island in the Miami River. This was filmed at Isla Del Mar Condominiums 1800 NW 24th Ave.

Then we see Sam attack another worker on a dock.  This was filmed in the same complex that they used to hold the girl in Hard Bargain. 2051 NW 11th Street.

Then we see Fi take care of another of Felix’s team. This was filmed on NW South River Dr. passing Sewell Park which was used in Hard Bargain.  

Fiona stops the third guy at NW 11th Street.

Then we see Michael, Sam, and Fiona drop off the three car thieves back on Grand Ave.

This earns Michael a meeting with the Boss. The meeting was filmed at Joe’s Stone Crab, 11 Washington Ave. on South Beach.

Next we see Michael at his place “cleaning” the stolen car.

From there he goes to a meeting with Carla. This was filmed on NW 11th Street between NW 23rd Ave. and NW 25th Ave. They are headed westbound. The filming on this was a little sloppy and must have taken some time based on different light conditions in different cuts.



The first time we see them stop we see this pink building in the background.

The red arrow points to where the scene starts.

The pink arrow points to the pink house with red shutters.

Then we see Michael getting out of the truck.

Green arrow points to where the Michael is getting out of the truck after it magically shifted position.

When he is out and the truck drives off he has shifted to a third location before the pink house.

Blue arrow points to where Michael is left standing.

Then we go to Madeline’s house.

Next we see Fiona back at A.S.A. When she leaves, we can see the building we saw a couple of times during the Good Soldier motor cycle chase. The building in the middle was used in Miami Vice, episode 22 Lombard.

Then we go to Michael’s apartment before going to Carlito’s.

From Carlito’s we return to Michael’s to make Cory’s vehicle bullet resistant. Then its off to Joe’s Stone Crab to meet with the boss.

Michael and Fiona give the boss a ride to see the operation but they are really leading him into Felix’s trap. This driving scene starts back on the same section of NW 11th Street that they used for Michael’s meet with Carla.

Then we see them on NW South River Dr. Where Sam had driven thru scaffolding to avoid capture in Do No Harm.

Then we cut to NW 19th Ave. Where they drive by NW 12th Street. The visible street sign quickly gives this location away. They continue southbound where they pass Felix’s guys parked at 1194 NW 19th Ave.

Then they pull between two buildings and wait for Felix to spring his trap which of course back fires on him. This was filmed at 2051 NW 11th Street.

Next, we see them drop the boss off. They did not go far.  They are in the same complex a few feet away. They are in the same building that was used to hold the kidnapped girl in Hard Bargain.

Then we go back to the football field. Here Fiona calls and lets him know that she has found the bomber’s house.

Michael returns home , worried about Fiona.  He finds her there.

The next morning Carla breaks in and threatens Michael.  The episode ends in Michael’s apartment.




Red is alleyway     Yellow is where they drop off boss.

NE Miami Ct. At NE 13th Ter. The bomber only lived 1 street over from his work place.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org