Original air date: 02/19/2009

The episode starts of with Fiona and Michael walking up the beach with Michael headed for a meet with a thief and a liar who Michael is going to bribe. This was filmed on Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. They walk north up the Broadwalk to Garfield Street where Michael turns and heads to the big yellow parking garage located on Garfield Street at A1A.

No fire escape

Unable to fly

The teaser ends with Michael gaining only a cut on the arm.

Next we go to Michael’s place where Sam delivers a fish and some information. As they are leaving to go to Carlito’s to met Fiona they meet Claude Laurent. He seeks Michael’s help but all he has is a worthless piece of paper and no case so Michael turns him away.

We then go to Carlito’s (set), and then to Madeline’s house (set).

Then we go to a night club where we see Jean-Pierre Duman. This club is definitely find-able but I have not placed it yet.

Then we go to Duman’s house. It is located in Hollywood,Fl. on S. Northlake Dr. at N. 9th Ave. They were nice enough to show us a very clear street sign.

Next we go to Michael’s place (set). Then to Carlito’s (set).

From there Sam goes to meet his old handlers Agent Harris and Agent Lane. Again they give us a view of the street sign so this was an easy location to find.  This was filmed at the intersection of SW 39th Street and SW 73rd Court.

Then we go to a meeting between Duman and Michael in a restaurant.  Location unknown.

Next we go to Madeline’s house where Sam stops by to help. Then we go to Michael’s place. From there Michael and Sam go to the “Sunset Motel”. They pull up on Garfield St., Hollywood, FL. next to the garage where we started this episode.  

Michael quickly goes into action at the “Sunset Motel”. This was filmed on N. Surf Road at Garfield Street in Hollywood Florida.

Then we go to Michael’s place. Claude agrees to stay at Michael’s.

 Next, Fiona goes to meet the Human Smuggler. The building in the back ground with the big address numbers on it was a help in finding this location. The big clue was seeing that it was a government motor pool (reflection in window of vehicle). This was filmed at 4795  S.W. 75th Avenue, Miami.

Then we go to Madeline’s house before going to Michael’s.

Next we go back to Duman’s where we find his father is still alive. This would not have been a surprise to Michael had he known it was Legba.  He had done the same thing in Tale of The Goat, Miami Vice episode 29.

After Michael escapes he returns home. Then they go outside his place and work on a kidnap truck.

After that we see Sam at Carlito’s.

From there we see Fiona return to the same restaurant where we saw Duman earlier.  Location unknown.

Then Fiona takes him to a hotel room that has been prepared for his abduction. This is the same hotel Carla was staying in. The Gansevoort, Collins Ave. And 24th Street in Miami Beach. They dump Duman off the north side of the hotel into a truck on 24th Street.

Then we return to Michael’s where Fiona and Michael prepare to go to “Gustavo’s” storage facility.

Then they go to the storage facility where they find Victor who tried to kill Michael. Thanks to GEJedi on the USA Network’s Burn Notice forum we now know that this was filmed at the self storage yard on SW 72nd Ave by 47th Street.

The episode ends there.

Victor gets away because he maintains a height advantage over Michael. He jumps over a fence and lands in a pickup truck.  Not just any truck though. Nate’s truck. I guess it did not blow up at the end of season one (Loose Ends) after all.  Same registration/plate/tag (depending on where you are from) number.

They take Duman back to Michael’s place. There they stuff him in the trunk of the car and send him off to Haiti.

After that Michael goes to his mother’s house. The apple does not fall far from the tree. She shows us again that allot of Michael’s abilities come from Madeline.

Then we see Sam meet with Agent Lane and Agent Harris at Carlito’s. Sam gives them evidence against Papa Legba.  

Red arrows are where Michael and Fiona are walking.

Blue arrow is where Gustavo takes flight.

Red arrow points to Duman’s house.

Yellow arrow points to where Sam had meet Gillian in episode 11, Dead Drop.

Red arrow points to where Michael stops Duman and his men.

Blue arrow is where “Gustavo” takes flight.

Yellow arrow is where Michael was dumped after being burned and where we first met Fiona.

Purple arrow is where we first met Agent Harris and Agent Lane in the pilot.




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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org