Original air date:  02/26/2009

The episode starts out with Michael recapping the story to Carla. This was filmed at Bayfront Park in Miami.

Then Michael joins Fiona nearby.

Then we go to Michael’s place (studio set) where we meet Michael’s Ex-fiance, Samantha.

Then Michael, Fiona Sam, and Samantha go to lunch.

This was filmed at 400 S. Miami Ave. The Wind by Neo.

There we meet Brennen, an evil s.o.b.

This leads us back to Bayfront Park to check out the meeting spot in advance.

Next we go to Carlito’s (studio set). Then to michael’s.

Next they go to Bayfront and meet Brennen. They have to turn over the device to get her son back. They have to let Brennen go because he wired a bomb to her son’s arm inside a cast.

Then it is back to Michael’s for a brief visit before returning to Wind By Neo Condo. This time they are in Brennen’s Condo.

Fiona and Michael leave Brennen’s condo and meet Samantha at Carlito’s. Michael gets picked up at Carlito’s and brought to a meet with Carla. This meeting was also filmed at Bayfront Park.

While at Bayfront Park Michael gets a call from Brennen which leads him and Fiona back to Brennen’s condo.  

They then travel together to an airport hangar. This was filmed at Opa-locka airport. The same building (Building 600) that was used in episode 5, Family Business where the gun runners worked.

From the airport they return to Brennen’s condo at the Wind by Neo.  While there Michael and Brennen play pool.  This gives us a nice view out his window at the metrorail platform where Sam shot at Kent in Loose Ends and the lot that was used in numerous episodes of Miami Vice.

From there we go to Opa-locka airport. Back to Brennen’s hangar. The team destroys Brennen’s hope for a sale of the chip. Now it must be returned.

Then we go to Michael’s place where he and Samantha plan how to return the chip.

Next we see Samantha and Michael entering the AFC Industries building. You may recognize this location from the episodes Double Booked and Good Soldier.  This is the same building where Sam and Michael follow Carla and find that this is where the sniper is going to perch. This is the former headquarters of Burger King at the end of SW 184th Street in Cutler.  In this episode we see them entering the rear of the building from the bay side.

Next we go to Michael’s place. There he gets a phone call from Victor. What a surprise that he is calling from Wind by Neo, Brennen’s Condo building. Victor is at the pool.

After returning the chip in the middle of the day Michael returns home. Goof: He apparently spends many hours somewhere that we don’t see because when he gets home it is dark out and Fiona says she is leaving because it is late.  

Then Michael goes to Miami City Hall next to the studio in Coconut Grove. There he kidnaps Victor and the episode ends.

Red arrow points to building we see in back ground behind Victor.

White arrow points to Victors location.

Blue arrow points to Brennen’s hangar.




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                Lesser Evil

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org