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The pilot starts out in Warri, Nigeria. Well, actually Miami Florida pretending to be Nigeria. With our star waiting on a street corner for a meet. The set decorators did a great job but for someone familiar with the movie bad boys this location was an easy find. I recognized the location from the Bad Boys movie.

N.E. 81st  Street just west of U.S. 1 (Biscayne Blvd.)

Michael gets into the car and is driven westbound on NE 80th Street from Biscayne Blvd. back toward where he had been standing.

Miami Vice tie in. In the background as Michael is driven away (picture below) you can see a location on Biscayne Blvd. that was used as Howie Wong's restaurant in the Miami Vice episode "Golden Triangle".

In the picture below the green mark indicates where Michael was waiting and then got picked up in the car. The yellow line is where the first cut of the driving scene was filmed while the red line is where the second cut of the driving scene was filmed.

Michael arrives at the meeting.

Music fans, may recognize this "Nigerian" hotel. Burn Notice was not the first to make it famous. Here in the Napoleon Ballroom is where the Beatles invaded Miami Beach in 1964 and played on the Ed Sullivan Show. It is the famous Deauville Hotel located at 6701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

Michael meets with Boris in Boris's hotel suite. They actually use a room in the Deauville for the filming. The view out the window shows they are on the north side of the building at the end closest to the ocean, 20 floors up give or take 1 floor. The Sterling building is seen in the immediate background. According to the Deauville's web site they only have 7 Suites so it should not be to hard to figure out which one was used.

Miami Vice tie in: As Michael talks with Boris he mentions alligators, and Boris corrects him that they are crocodiles. In Miami Vice, Crockett keeps an alligator named Elvis. In an episode titled "French Twist" Crockett is on his sailboat feeding Elvis and Tubbs comes aboard and calls him a crocodile. Crockett scolds him with "Alligator Tubbs AL-LI-GAT- TOR." Here they use almost the exact same lines in this scene, only reversing the animals.

Michael takes off from the Deauville on a motorcycle. He is instantly back on the mainland. He is on NE 80th Street off Biscayne Blvd. The next approximately 22 cuts of the chase all take place on the same block where the movie started.

Then the chase goes to a completely different location all though it looks the same on T.V.. The filming moved to the Opa-locka Flea Market in Opa-locka Florida. The picture below is from the first cut that we see that was filmed in Opa-locka.

It continues in the Opa-locka Flea Market.

In the picture below the building and area where Michael boards the airplane is outlined in yellow. The yellow arrow indicates the direction the shot was filmed. The Opa-locka Flea Market is outlined in red.

In the screen capture above you can see in the upper right corner, a sign that reads FLEA  and OPA LOCK.. Good thing they did not cover this or it would have been much harder to find this location.

Michael gets away and gets onto a plane. This was also filmed in Opa-locka, Florida at the Opa-locka Airport. Michael arrives on location riding down the north side of hangar. Sadly this hangar and control tower have since been torn down. This airport was used in more than one episode of Miami Vice. The Episodes "Evan" and "Phil The Shill " come to mind right away when I think of the Opa-locka Airport as well as the movies; Bad Boys and Miami Vice 2006.

Michael wakes up and finds himself in Miami Florida U.S.A.. Only he is not really in Miami, he is in the house pictured below. It is in Hollywood, that’s Hollywood, Florida. It is located on the west side of A1A between Garfield and Hayes streets.

When Michael looks out the window he sees that he is being watched.

But he is not looking out at A1A. The window he is looking out of is in a completely different building than the establishing shot of the exterior would have had us believe. Michael is looking out a window of The Diane Motel on Hollywood Beach. The Agents are parked next to the intersection of Grant Street and North Surf Road.

This is the window he was looking out of when he spots the agents.

In the picture below the red arrow points to the building that we first see as the scene opens. The yellow arrow points to where Michael is looking out the window and sees the agents (small orange square).

Michael is on his way. This shot was filmed on Deco Drive in Sobe (south Miami Beach). Michael is on the south side of the Beacon Hotel. 720 Deco Drive (aka Ocean Drive). The Beacon Hotel can also be seen in the movie, Scarface.

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Original air date:  06/28/2007

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Goof: Michael enters into a passenger plane. Then we see what is suppose to be his plane taking off, but it is not even a passenger plane, it’s a cargo plane with a completely different look. Jimmy Buffet fans may recognize this cargo plane as one the band has used to carry gear on tour. The plane we see him enter is dressed to look like an African Airlines plane but in real life it is a Med-Air plane.

Med-Air at Opa locka shortly after the Burn Notice Pilot aired.